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Terms for services rendered
Our services are at a flat rate of $75 per hour.  Services consist of the following work but not limited to: Logo Creation, Graphic Design, Promotional Concepts, Marketing Consulting, Advertising Consulting, Product Presentation, Sound Bites, Sentence Reduction, Research & Development, Internet Research, Data Entry, Editing, Language Translation, Fact Finding, Clarifying Vision, Defining Mission, Pin Pointing Purpose, Casting Goals, Persuasive Slogans, Establish Core Values, Image Branding, Birthing of Intellectuals Materials, (Custom pricing for SEO and Website Designs) all other services would be charged at a flat rate of $75 per hour.

To better serve our leaders we offer two ways to pay for the above services.

One way is our "A' la carte"
Each service to be purchased as a separate project one at a time as needed and each project will have a separate running clock, minimum fee $75.  Great option when needing one or two of our services at once.  A'lacart" can become expensive if you request 5 or more different "A'laCart projects back to back or in a short period of time.

Another way is our "Marketing Agreement"
Combine services to be purchased under one project and receive a reduced price because the combined services is seen as one project with an overlapping running clock, minimum fee $1,000.  This is often a better hourly rate and less expensive if you combine 5 or more different services into one project.  Marketing Agreements can become expensive if you request less than 4 services in one project. 

Because combining projects within a ("Marketing Agreement") gives a lower pre-determined price regardless of man hours invested opposed to the A' la carte projects that are billed separately $75 an hour with no time overlapping.  Marketing Agreements will automatically revert from combined overlapping projects to ("A' la carte")  individual projects if leader refuses to pay for services rendered, if leader removes a service listed in the combined project, if the leader cancels the project before completion.  Custom pricing for SEO and Website Designs will also revert to a flat rate of $75 per hour.

Find below some of the reasons why projects do not run smoothly.  The information below should be taken into consideration prior to starting the project.

  • Leader not clear as to what they want.
  • Once project is clear, leader changes their mind as to what they want.
  • Leader changes the direction of the project mid stream.
  • Project information from leader comes in straggly.
  • Approval process delayed.
  • Leader fails to communicate what is desired.
  • Leader waits to the last minute to place order and wants the graphic completed yesterday.

With Gospelbiz, if we are creating a new graphic or logo we try as much as possible to eliminate miscommunication
and additional hourly cost by providing an approval process in writing or through email from leader before moving forward at every stage of development, completion and approval.  When applicable we will provide sample to show to the leader of what we believe is the desired direction for clarity at each stage of the project to keep honing down to the desired finished graphic design.

Click on the link below to open a new window showing our flat rate for Graphic Design and other needed services.  You can keep this page open to complete your graphic design request.



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