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100% of the Pastors we talk with would rather give 100% of their time focusing on hearing from God so that they can grow their members spiritually. However, these same Pastors also say that the business of ministry can be overwhelming.

Gospelbiz Creativity - has brought help to many Pastors that desire to promote the business side of ministry by assisting them with creative outreach ideas.  Helping to cast the vision, assisting in expressing the vision in words that call people to action.  We help you to write the vision down and make it plain so others can run with it.

Gospelbiz Graphics - is able to provide turn key services from A to Z… creating a branded look for all of your stationary, church logo, web design, eye catching graphics, creative themes for your events and much, much, more.  When it comes to promoting your ministry inside and outside of your church building, people will see and know you have the Spirit of Excellence. 

Gospelbiz Sponsors - The best part is ou
r Sponsorship Dollars!  With Sponsorship Dollars you can reduce your cost, upgrade your quality and increase your quantities on items you want to purchase for your ministry.

Imagine… the help that you need to do more ministry and sponsorship dollars to reduce your everyday cost. 

Gospelbiz bringing you the help that you need to take your ministry to the next level. 

Contact us today so that we may assist you with
Sponsorship Dollars!.



   "Created to Spread the Gospel"



     Gospelbiz.com Committed Sponsor for Teen Challenge.  Join Us! “Your sponsorship will help to transform lives, build leaders and leave a legacy”.






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