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  Credits are the system used by Gospelbiz to purchase maintenance for your website.
  For each maintenance work requested, a set number of credits will be deducted from your account.

  How does it work?

  Maintenance to your website is provided through a credit system that affords you the ability to
  purchase our maintenance service at a discounted rate by purchasing your credits in advance. 
  Regular web maintenance rates without credits is charged by the hour at a rate of $75 per hr.
  Purchasing credits in advance will save you money immediately.  A pre-set amount of credits will be
  deducted from your credit package account when you request maintenance to your website.

  You can stock up on credits at anytime.  When requesting maintenance to your website you will always
  receive a quote prior to any maintenance.  Credits to cover the maintenance must be in your account, if
  you do not have enough credits you will have to purchase additional credits before work is preformed. 
  You can see a running total of how many credits you have purchased, when purchased, credits used,
  credit balance and your maintenance history by clicking on "MY CREDIT HISTORY" below.



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