Have the marriage and family of your dreams
Restore and keep passion and intimacy
Have non-rebellious teenagers who are a
–-blessing to everyone
Inspire your spouse to meet your needs
Resolve conflicts quickly
Stop strife
Forgive without forgetting
Stop being controlled or manipulated
Have respectful obedient children
Prepare your children for success
Have peace and joy in your family
... and much more!

Get Real Answers to Real Questions
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"After each session I would say ‘Wow!’ It can't get any better than this...then it did."
– Gaye Hester

"This series literally changed my life forever. My marriage and family have been restored.”
– Brandon Ballinger

Hearing the Tucker children inspired me. They give you hope for this generation.
– Carol Scarbourgh

"We saw immediate, amazing results with our children, even our teenagers. Our family will never be the same. Thank you Jim and Traci. Your family is a wonderful example of your teaching."
– Kathy Hoyt

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